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Naturally, I am a bookworm; I read anything and everything I can get my hands on. Check out my goodreads profile to see my favorite titles and what I am currently reading.

For the most part, the only periodicals I read are trade journals: Library journal, School Library Journal, and ILA's Reporter. To keep up with trends and explore program ideas I regularly read MAKE, WIRED, and Fast Company. All other news I get online.


Foot race bibs & medals

Despite participating in track & field throughout high school, I doubted that I would ever like running long ditances. While training for a half marathon in 2010, I realized that running provided a perfect opportunity for reflection. Whenever I need to think through a problem, I lace up my running shoes and go for a run.

Running the 2011 Chicago Marathon was a great accomplishment, but I feel like I really earned the medal for the Bear Chase Half Marathon I ran earlier in the year. With a course through Bear Creek Lake Park in Lakewood, CO, I figured that even if I had to walk for a bit, I'd enjoy scenic views. I greatly underestimated how tough the course was. The terrain was rocky and there was a 900 ft. elevation gain. I also needed to wade through three water crossings.


I really enjoy discovering new places and re-visiting old favorites. From camping to splurging on a fancy resort, I love to take in the sights and get away from routine life. This slideshow features some of the places I've visited so far.


Team M3 12 minute milers at marathon start - Photo credit: Christina D'Ambrosio

Our prime purpose in this life is to help others.
~His Holiness the Dalai Lama

There's something about helping someone in need. I find a great sense of satisfaction in making a difference in someone's day no matter how big or small.

This photo was taken at the start line of the 2011 Chicago Marathon. After six months of training on the lakefront, Team M3, a group of high school students and volunteer mentors, ran 26.2 miles together. It was amazing to share the experience of overcoming the physical and mental challenge of running a marathon with my mentee.